It feels good to be strong

It feels good to be strong

I am passionate about health and fitness.

This website is about my struggle with the daily grind. I am a personal trainer and a broad spectrum fitness enthusiast. I will offer insights and tips into staying motivated to keep your body moving. I will share the foibles and tragedies that impose themselves into my path. Does this content interest you? Then please click the link to follow my blog… I invite you to join me on my journey.



NOW, About Splash

I have been a “gym rat” since I was in my twenties. I taught glacier climbing, rock climbing, and mountaineering for fifteen years. I was a competitive swimmer, an ultra-long distance hiker, an avid cyclist, a maniacal downhill skier, and a triathlete.

My NemesisLife issues, health issues, excuses happened to me. I became unfit and unhealthy. I used every excuse in the book to stay that way. I basically gave up on having a good life. I settled for less than I wanted and less than I deserved.I completely quit stepping on the scale, posing for photographs and looking in the mirror. I was lying to myself and I did not want to face reality or the truth. It is hard to say exactly what it was that made me turn around. That elusive moment in time where I decided to stop lying to myself and start caring again. But the biggest thing in my fitness evolution was the willingness to stop hiding and face the truth. The whole entire, bitter, and ugly truth. I disrobed, stepped on the scale and weighed in at over 200 lbs with 47 percent body fat. How in the hell did an athletic and energetic person who is also a certified personal trainer, allow this to happen? HOW? You know what?
Great  for Cross Training

Great for Cross Training

The How DOES NOT MATTER. What matters, and it is the only thing that matters, is that I was ready to change. I was willing to stop making excuses and lying to myself. I was willing to do whatever it took to once again, become fit and healthy. I started where I was… Embarrassed to be seen outside, I walked inside my house… first for 30 minutes, then 45 minutes, and then and hour. I did laps through the kitchen and through the living room, and up and down the hall. Gradually, as my weight dropped and my fitness increased, I stepped outside into a brave new world. Once again, I was able to embrace my old friends: hiking, cycling, kayaking, swimming, skiing, and working out at the gym. It took nearly two years to complete the transformation from unhealthy to fit. Through it all, what I needed to remember, was that I can always start where I am. There were days when the scale was not my friend. A weight gain of 3 pounds on a given day could have sent me on a downward spiral, but while a 3 pound weight gain was excruciating, giving up would not make it better. I must remember that I don’t need to lose weight before I exercise. Yes, it is an excuse that I made and one that I have heard from others as well. I don’t need to have a fancy gym membership, or yoga pants, or even proper shoes (although these things are great). I don’t have to be able to run a marathon, I just have to be willing to move my body. I just have to be willing to do what I can. I just have to be willing.

I would love to say that I am blogging about the journey from fit to fat to fit, but I did not have the courage nor the confidence to share that part of my life with the world.  Here I am, transformation complete.  This is my how and why to stay here… fit, healthy, and mostly happy.

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